There's never been an easier way to learn from video.
Loop It
Create up to six loops to target and repeat the passages you want to learn.
Zoom In
Get up close and personal to see exactly how a passage is being played.
Slow It Down
Slow down playback without affecting pitch, so the note you see is the note you hear.
The Library Keeps Growing.
Slowhand is compatible with almost any video you have on your hard drive and includes an exclusive tool to easily grab videos from YouTube or Vimeo, expanding the potential lesson library to 100,000,000+, with more added every day. Additionally, an exclusive, ever-growing Slowhand library of user-submitted projects is available for free within the software.
Download Slowhand and experience the easiest and most intuitive way to learn to play, ever. Slowhand is an essential tool for teaching yourself, or your students, music of any difficulty on any instrument.
The Slowhand Controller Pedal
Turn Slowhand into a truly hands-free experience!
Fully programmable to your preferences, the Slowhand Controller Pedal puts control of every aspect of looping, zooming, and speed adjustments at your feet so you can dedicate your hands to learning. Learn more >>
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