Slowhand 3.03 Update Released!

The newest Slowhand update (3.03) is now available for free within the app. In addition to a few bug fixes and optimizations, this newest release allows you to save any project as only the loops, cutting out the fat to save you precious storage space, speeding up loading times, and making it even easier to upload and share your projects to the Slowhand User Library!

Slowhand Foot Controller

Slowhand Controller Pedal- Why You Want It

The Slowhand controller pedal was developed by MasterMind Designs to make Slowhand a truly hands-free experience and puts control of every Project function at your feet. Once a project is opened, looping, zooming, and speed adjustments can all be done without ever taking your hand off your instrument, making the learning experience even quicker and easier. Read more!

Creating Projects with Original Video vs. Only Loops

Trimming the Fat in Slowhand Projects- To Keep Extra Video in a Project (Or Not)?

One of the cooler features Slowhand rolled out a couple of months ago was the ability to save just the Loops of a project. While this was initially identified as a way to create a single project from multiple source videos (a la “Best Rock Riffs”), a happy byproduct of this feature is that Slowhand users can “trim out the fat” in a project and retain only the loops. The ability to choose between retaining the source video within the project or ditching it is now up to the individual user. Here are a couple of thoughts was to why a user might want to keep (or remove) non-Loop video.

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