How to Pick Videos for Slowhand

Great Beginner Guitar Lessons for Slowhand Users

Here’s a list of  youtube channels are run by great players who are great launching points for learning guitar through video in Slowhand:

  1. Justin Guitar:…  At Slowhand we love Justin. Not only does he tackle everything from the simplest aspects of playing guitar to taking players through some pretty challenging pieces, but he does it all with a smile and for free (make sure to make a donation if you dig what he does).
  2. Rock on Good People:…  Huge variety of expert players teaching different genres at all skill levels. They also have a website, but much of it is paid content.
  3. Marty Schwartz: This former Rock on Good People instructor has two channels:… and… . Marty focuses on the blues and is ideal for those who have cut their teeth on the basics.
  4. StevieSnacks:… How many guitar players odes it take to play a SRV solo? Apparently all of them!—great blues lessons, almost exclusively in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  5. Guitar101Ramstein…  focuses and technique and exercises.


What channels are YOUR go-to for guitar lessons?

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