Slowhand 3.0 Now Available!

The first major update release since the 2015 debut, Slowhand 3.0 is now live and available as a free update to all Slowhand users (free trial included). Here are highlights of the new features included in the release-


  • Slowhand User Library– We want Slowhand to be a community experience, and what better way to get social than sharing your favorite projects? Slowhand now features in-app access to an ever-growing online library of user projects to allow all users to upload, download, and share projects… this means dozens of new projects will be available weekly!


  • Intuitive User Experience– Despite several new features being added, we found a way to reduce the number of buttons to make Slowhand one of the most intuitive, easy-to-grasp programs around. The program practically walks novice users through navigation, giving access to everything you need and nothing you don’t at any given time without sacrificing deeper control for experienced users.


  • Build Projects from Loops– In addition to building projects from a specific video, Slowhand now allows you to create projects from preexisting loops! This means you can create compilation projects from various videos, or just cut out all the unused video for smaller file sizes.


  • Enhanced File Management– Taking a cue from our years in video game design, we’ve greatly simplified file management and created and in-app experience that keeps you in the Slowhand experience.


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