Slowhand Foot Controller

Slowhand Controller Pedal- Why You Want It

Slowhand Foot Controller


Slowhand is designed to give players everything they need to loop, zoom, and slow down any video to learn to play complex guitar parts, get a close-up view of the techniques of the stars, and learn new songs fast. However, there is still the need to toggle between loops and make fine-tuned adjustments to loops, which used to mean stopping playing to make the switch. The Slowhand controller pedal was developed by MasterMind Designs to make Slowhand a truly hands-free experience and puts control of every Project function at your feet. Once a project is opened, looping, zooming, and speed adjustments can all be done without ever taking your hand off your instrument, making the learning experience even quicker and easier.


While the Slowhand controller pedal ($89.99) ships programmed with what Slowhand creator Bob Dekett believes to be the optimal button configuration, you can re-map any function to any footswitch, giving you complete control over how you experience Slowhand. While it’s easy to say “you have to experience it to realize how much it will up your game” and point to our 100% satisfaction rate with early adopters, it isn’t the most convincing argument, so look for an overview video of the pedal in the very near future!

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