OK Drummers! Check out The Rosanna Shuffle by GigFreak

Here’s a great drum lesson video by Sagy Ben-Or at GigFreak where he breaks down Jeff Pocaro’s complex groove from Rosanna by Toto. I created 6 Loops that show him starting from the Hi Hat and ending in the final groove for you watch and follow along in Slowhand.  

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Check out Branford Marsalis illustrating his ideas for the composition Jabborwocky! In this Slowhand Project, Branford talks about and illustrates his ideas for the composition, Jabborwocky — and we show how to Zoom In, then Slow Down the tempo so you can get up close & personal and learn this …

Blues Licks Compilation – Its easy to Build a project from multiple videos!

Check out this cool compilation of Blues licks performed by the ever amazing Greg Koch. Sometimes you may just want a Project with your current fave licks you want to learn in one, simple, single Project. With Slowhand its super easy to build a custom Project from multiple videos that …


Here’s a Slowhand project we created featuring Laura Cox playing her blazing cover of Nervous Breakdown by Brad Paisley. We Zoom in and Slow it Down so you can check out her right & left hand technique. With Slowhand’s Loop – Zoom and Slow it Down features, you can learn …

Unlock the secrets to Richie Kotzen's unique guitar technique with Slowhand.

Slowhand User Library Updates

Stairway to Heaven, Hotel California, Vince Gill licks, and more… click through for a list of what’s new in the Slowhand User Library this week.

This Town Needs Guns Performance

The Slowhand User Library is Live!!!

Along with a myriad of improvements and simplification of navigation, the release of Slowhand update 3.0 features the debut of the Slowhand User Library, an in-app way to upload, download, and share Slowhand projects with the entire Slowhand user base. The ability to instantly browse and download Slowhand projects means access to dozens of new projects every week and the ability to easily share your Slowhand projects with friends and family!