Harmony Central Review of Slowhand

Slowhand Reviewed on Harmony Central!

We’re proud to say Harmony Central reviewed the 3.0 release of Slowhand late March and gave it a very favorable review (and a brief interview with Slowhand creator Bob DeKett).

” Slowhand is a simple and to-the-point program that does only a few things, but does them really well. While I didn’t enter the review thinking of myself as someone who would look to performance videos to learn, after actually experiencing it (and I’m not one to dedicate much time to something difficult or that doesn’t interest me) I fully realize the potential as a learning tool. While you’d assume zooming in to see what’s being played more clearly and slowing down the tempo will make learning a piece more accessible, it’s truly surprising how helpful Slowhand is in practice.”

Chris Loeffler, Harmony Central Senior Editor

Check out the complete article for a thoughtful overview of what Slowhand does and why it helps players learn fast!


Harmony Central Slowhand Software Review (March 28, 2016)

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