This Town Needs Guns Performance

How Did They Do That- Slowhand Unlocks the This Town Needs Guns’ Guitar Technique

One day, deep in the bowels of a prog/math rock kick on Pandora, I stumbled across a band called This Town Needs Guns and their song If I Sit Still, Maybe I’ll Get Out of Here. The guitar caught my ear because of the simple melodies that undulated around each other in an electronic-synth style pattern. The attack seemed just a bit off from what I was used to hearing, and no amount of rewinding the audio was getting it to click with me. I wasn’t looking to learn the song, but I was curious what was happening. A quick YouTube search yielded this video clip, and it clicked: Capo on the 6th fret and two-handed tapping combined with finger picking. Very cool to see (and hear) slowed down in Slowhand and observe the technique. I doubt I’ll take it upon myself to try to master this technique, but Slowhand helped me understand and appreciate what was happening!


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