Creating Projects with Original Video vs. Only Loops

Trimming the Fat in Slowhand Projects- To Keep Extra Video in a Project (Or Not)?

One of the cooler features Slowhand rolled out a couple of months ago was the ability to save just the Loops of a project. While this was initially identified as a way to create a single project from multiple source videos (a la “Best Rock Riffs”), a happy byproduct of this feature is that Slowhand users can “trim out the fat” in a project and retain only the loops. The ability to choose between retaining the source video within the project or ditching it is now up to the individual user. Here are a couple of thoughts was to why a user might want to keep (or remove) non-Loop video.

Keep it All-

Out of the box, as a standard save, Slowhand retains the entire source video. This was decided both so users can easily reference non-loop parts if they would like, and is especially helpful when one intends to create multiple projects from a single video (like taking a single performance video of Comfortably Numb and creating a separate project for each of the solos). The benefit to this is you never have to go back and try to find the source material if you find the project you’ve made (or downloaded) isn’t quite right.

Ditch That Video-

There are many videos that are long in duration but only have a few key moments a person would want to learn. Why bother carrying the overhead of a bloated file size and slightly longer load time (especially when uploading/downing to the online user library) when only 90 seconds of a 40 minutes video are needed to create a great project? In a recent project with John Scofield’s Uberjam band, we wanted to capture some of Avi Bortnick’s innovative rhythm techniques, which we were able to identify in five key moments (loops) from a 65 minute concert video someone had uploaded to YouTube. Rather than burden servers and the app with that much content, why not just feature those five loops that define the purpose the of project?

There is no right answer, which is why Slowhand lets each user decide how they want their projects to be saved. What do you do… cut it or keep it?

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